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By signing this agreement, you are giving Jula Bay Enterprises Inc and all subsidiaries to use the photo that you are uploading in any way or form deemed acceptable by Jula Bay Enterprises Inc.   You are the original photographer and have full rights to this photo.  You are the owner of the subject (ie pet owner, or family member) .   You understand that Jula Bay Enterprises Inc will use this photo to create digital art that will be sold.  You do not have any rights to proceeds generated from modifications or use of this photo. 


  1. Full resolution, uncropped.

  2. Clear - not blurry, we can't use these.

  3. One animal per photo.   Uncluttered background.

  4. Full body of the animal, please don't send with ears or legs cut off.

  5. Best photos are taken at pets level (get low to take the picture.)

I am the origial photographer of this photograph
All animals or people in the photo are from my family,and I give permissions to Jula Bay Enterprises Inc and all subsiduaries to use this photo as they wish for their financial gain.
I am giving Jula Bay Enterprise Inc and all subsiduaries, and Art by Alexis, full permission to use this photograph to create any digital art for commercial use, understanding I will not receive any financial benefit for doing so.
I understand that any art created by Jula Bay Enterprises Inc. and all subsiduaries will be intellectual property of Jula Bay Enterprises Inc. and that all Copyright ownership belongs to them. I will not have any copyright interest in the resulting art work, and will not ask for any financial gain from any of the work that is made by them at any point in the future.
I understand that Jula Bay Enterprises Inc will be selling end products made with this photograph, for their financial gain, and none will be distributed to me.
I would love a sample of the drawing of my photo in PNG format, stylized as desired by Jula Bay Enterprises Inc., using it for Personal Use only and not sharing the file.
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License & Usage Agreement 

Full license agreement here!