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Starting Sublimation in Canada

You want to start sublimation, how exciting!  This is the list of my supplies that I have, and where I have purchased from in the past.  Please be prepared for a LOT of trial and error, and waisted product.  Sublimation is super cool, however, each and every machine is slightly different, each and every product is slightly different.  My advise, keep a journal of your attempts and if they worked or not.  Then once you have found your perfect combination of time, temperature, pressure guard that info like it was gold!


I have a converted Epson WF-7710.  I chose this printer because it can print 13"x19" paper, allowing me to do signs, large shirts and bigger projects.   These are no longer for sale, and require you to convert them.  DO NOT EVER ALLOW THIS PRINTER TO DO AN UPDATE.  Apparently if you do, it will not allow you to use your sublimation cartridges again.

Use the same ink every time, or make sure you purchase new cartridges if you change ink.  I purchased my cartridges on

I've liked my Epson Printer, however the downfall of them is that they can clog up and stop printing well if not used often.  I personally have been pretty good with mine, but you may need to do a head cleaning more than you like.  You also may need to turn off fast printing if you start getting lines in the print, I only do this for a few prints.

Sawgrass is expensive, but the true sublimation printer.  I don't own one, and I'm happy with my printer.


I have bought INKX-PRO for my machine and have always used it.  I had researched at the time and it was my best option.  MANY more ink suppliers exist now, and you likely can find something Canadian.


I have bought from Joto I love their paper, and their tape.  There are plenty of choices to purchase from, Quality Digital in Calgary also has paper, I like it as well but not as thick as Joto.  I've purchased Tape online, but you need to be careful, some of the Amazon tapes leave marks when you sublimate.  I've never had that problem with Joto Tape



I have a Joto Dual Mug Press.  It has all of the attachments for different sized tumblers.  Honestly I only ever use the 11oz/15oz attachment and the waterbottle.  The others are useless for anything I have.  I don't love it.  It has great reviews, but I don't love mine.  I can no longer adjust the press on one side, as the adjustment is all stripped.    I paid a LOT of money for this I would have expected it last much longer than it did for my use.  It really stinks when you first use it, it smokes and smells terrible which is supposedly normal.  

I bought a second hand convection oven for my full wrap tumblers.  It was a lot of trial and error, but I made quite a few with them, this is my process on my YouTube Channel.   Do NOT use your kitchen oven, you cannot cook in the convection oven after you used it for sublimation.  I recently bought a Black and Decker Digital Convection Toaster Oven from Canadian Tire when it was on sale as I wanted a bigger one.

Sublimation items

You cannot just sublimate on anything.  It must have a sublimation coating, or it must be polyester (minimum 65% for a more vintage look, 100% for crisp)

  1. DAHT Merchandise   Katherine is super sweet and runs a great business with top notch products, fast shipping.

  2. Quality Digital In Calgary, you can order online and pickup.  They are more expensive I find but convenient.  They also sell equipment.

  3. Creative Images is in Okotoks I've not used for much, their website is frustrating and you have to order via email.  But they have a LOT of stuff.

  4. Joto super fast shipping from BC


I think you need a business license for both of these suppliers

  1. Sanmar is in Calgary and has a lot of 100% poly

  2. Technosport M&O shirts come in 65% and are my favorite but also Gilden Soft Style 

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