Wooden Frame Sublimation Background Clipart - Colorful Rustic
  • Wooden Frame Sublimation Background Clipart - Colorful Rustic

    Wooden sublimation backgrounds, add your own PNG or purchased PNG to these backgrounds to make your sublimation end product POP!  You cannot sell the digital rendation, but you can create up to 100 physical items (mugs, tshirts, socks, etc) with your created image, for each of the backgrounds in this set.


     If you wish to sell sublimation transfers, vinyl transfers or waterslide decals/stickers, you must purchase a separate license.  Contact us.


    You will receive one ZIP file including the following:

    • 6 300 PNG Files


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    • Drive Membership Purchase

      • We offer Drive Memberships for all of our PNG files at a huge discount!

      • This PNG is included in our 2020 Drive Access Membership , including ALL of our PNG files created between Dec 24, 2019-Dec 23, 2020 at a deep discount! Purchase here!
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    • Refunds

      • Because of the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds given.  If you are unhappy or having any problems please contact us and we will try to help. 


    • Copyright

      • You pay only for preparing vector and raster file formats.
      • Copyrights of the design belongs to its copyrights owners only.  
      • This design was created by Jula Bay Enterprises Inc, and they own the copyright.
      • You may not redistribute this digital file in any form.


    • Disclaimer

      • Actual print colors may differ slightly from colors on screen.
      • No physical product is ever sent, you will receive only a digital download.
    • License Info

      • You must download on a computer and unzip the files to use them.  You cannot use a phone or tablet.
      • For personal and small home business use only to create physical products.
      • You purchased a DIGITAL project no physical product will be sent.
      • Downloaded products can't be returned or refunded.
      • You may not resale, share or redistribute this product.
      • You cannot resell or modify this file or any of its contents as a digital file and then resell it.
      • You can NOT make our images available for digital download, resell or redistribute them as is or modified, in digital form. 
      •  You can NOT upload files or elements from them on "print-on-demand" web sites.
    • Trademark Disclaimer

      We do our best to not violate any Registered Trademarks and copyright material while creating our designs! However, because trademarks are applied for and registered daily, we cannot guarantee that any phrases on our designs will not be a registered trademark. It is the purchasers responsibility to research the USPTO database to make sure your purchases and products do not infringe on a registered trademark.

      By purchasing any design by Jula Bay Design Studios you agree that you are responsible for your own purchases and will research the trademark database and that Jula Bay Design Studios and Jula Bay Enterprises Inc. will not be held liable in regards to trademarked phrases or design.

      If we determine that one of our designs contains a trademarked phrase or we are notified that one of our designs is a registered trademark we will immediately alter the design to remove the text and keep the clipart if this rectifies the situation, or to completely remove the design from our shop.