Herringbone Tumbler Design Bundle Sublimation PNG Waterslide Tumbler Geolavish
  • Herringbone Tumbler Design Bundle Sublimation PNG Waterslide Tumbler Geolavish

    These luxurious Herringbone tumbler designs are a cleaner look of the tangram tumbler design. They are uniform and eye pleasing and have a great deal of texture and colors. Geometric Tumblers are HOT in the Glitter tumbler world right now, bringing unique texture and colors to this fun geometric shape! This Chevron / Tangram design is popular, I've added the Herringbone Skinny Tumbler Design which is perfect for those who want to add a saying or customize the tumblers for your customer! The regular tangram tumbler makes it a pit more challenging to add a saying, this design is more flexible. The herringbone pattern is clean and beautiful. These tumbler templates are perfect for sublimation but also work great as a full waterslide wrap to use under epoxy or crystalac!


    I show a video with my herringbone design in a masculine color in the video in the listing. These luxurious tumblers are part of the Jula Bay Design Studio #geolavish collection!


    This bundle includes 8 of our Template designs, each can be purchased separately in my shop:

    • Red Gold and Silver Herringbone Tangram style tumbler with gold glitter are for customization
    • Purple, mauve, silver glitter and slate glitter with pearl accents is beautiful on this purple herringbone tumbler design with a mauve are for customization.
    • Fuchsia Hot Pink with Gold and grey stripes, marble in rose gold and some rose gold foil make this a beautiful full tumbler design.
    • Teal, silver, slate and pearl with a vibrant teal customization area on the tumbler.
    • Sunshine yellow with textured gold glitter, foils and floral patterns, with a gradient yellow customization band.
    • Lavender purples, with glitter and foil, silver accents and purple marble customization band.
    • Rose Gold tumbler with pretty marble and glitter accents, and textured floral pattern with a art deco rose gold customization bar
    • Pastel blues and light greens make this iridescent tumbler design gorgeous and the disco ball customization band makes it extra fun.


    This design is strategically created to make it SIMPLE to apply, no worrying about lining up, just apply with the last line vertical line on the cup and the other portion overlapped slightly! I put a lot of thought into my tumbler designs to ensure seamless designs and I warp the designs vs just clipping them so they work on the tapered tumblers with the measurements shown!


    SEAMLESS 20oz & 30oz Tumbler Design!

    INCLUDES 8 DESIGNS EACH WITH (total of 40 digital files)

    SEAMLESS 20oz & 30oz Tumbler Designs!

    • 20oz STRAIGHT (non tapered) JPG
    • 9.45" W x 8.073" H, can be resized for your needs.
    • 20oz TAPERED design #1
    • This was made for tumblers that measure 9.25" around the top, 8.75" on the bottom and 8" tall. 300DPI High Resolution. Can be resized slightly for your needs as long as your tumbler measurements are close to this.
    • 20oz TAPERED design #2
    • This was made for tumblers that measure 9.25" around the top, 8.5" on the bottom and 8" tall. 300DPI High Resolution. Can be resized slightly for your needs as long as your tumbler measurements are close to this.
    •  30oz STRAIGHT (non tapered) JPG - NOTE: There is NOT a tapered design provided for 30oz. 30oz tumbler templates require a larger paper than the normal 8.5"wide and your printer must support larger papers.
    • 10.05" W x 9.45" H, can be resized for your needs.
    •  Mockup of the tumblers on the 3D mockup


    ★★★ Do NOT purchase if your tapered tumbler size varies a lot from the size shown here, or the design may not fit. Straight tumblers can be easily resized.

    ★★★ If you use EPOXY and or CRYSTALAC and are using this as a waterslide or tattoo, you will have RESIZE each time as the thickness of the tumbler will differ. Only purchase if your tapered base tumbler is similar size to one of tumbler sizes used to make these templates. Straight will work but both will need to be sized up.


    These are NOT CUTTING FILES. Sizes can be sized up slightly or made smaller for your project. If you crop/trim these files you may lose the seamless quality of the design.


    You must use external software to print these designs, possibilities are Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel or Free Silhouette Design Studio.

    You must know that your software can handle these types of files. Cricut users, these files are too big to use as a print and cut, you will not be able to print in Cricut.


    What makes Jula Bay Design Studio Tumbler Designs unique?

    • My designs are SEAMLESS when applied carefully, and my Split Designs are SIMPLE to apply, and will provide a seamless full cup look. I think about how each design will look on an actual cup.
    • I test my designs, I like to print out a variety of my designs, and share actual cups with my designs used on them so you can see what they look like on real products!
    • I include 3 files for 20oz tumblers, 2 tapers and 1 straight. My tapered designs are actually WARPED, not just cropped to work on tapered tumblers. They will look proper on tumblers that are tapered and sized as the cups intended in the details below.
    • I include a 30oz tumbler design as well if you want to upgrade sizing.
    • I include the mockup.
    • I have an eye for design and don't just provide you with just plain digital paper designs that anyone could crop and use, I combine and add many elements to give you an actual unique design.


    © Jula Bay Design Studio (Jula Bay Enterprises Inc.) 2020

    • There will not be watermarks on your images when delivered, but we request that you watermark over any of our designs on mockups you use online to prevent theft of our designs. Thank you.
    • Our mockups shown try to represent colors true as possible, however how your design prints is dependent on your printer, paper and your inks, and how it is displayed on your monitor, as monitors may all display slightly differently.


    Thank you so much for your business, contact me if you are having any issues with the files. I hope you enjoy using the files! New files added often, come back soon!