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Feb 2022 FULL MONTH OF DESIGNS - Monthly Collection
  • Feb 2022 FULL MONTH OF DESIGNS - Monthly Collection


    Do you love Jula Bay Design Studio Designs? If so, this is a great way for your to own our designs at a mega discount!  By purchasing this Collection , you will be able to download ALL designs created in FEB 2022 for this one time purchase cost.  Each design will follow our license terms.


      This collection is COMPLETE, and features ALL designs shown here! This is a $446 value, on for 70% off!


      All products from THIS Collection are included in this purchase.




      • 70% off of Total Value of $446.
      • You cannot use discount codes on this purchase.
      • You will have 2 weeks after approval and PROMO CODE assigned, to download whatever designs you want from this collection. After that time frame, your PROMO CODE will be deactivated, and you will no longer be able to purchase more.



      • You will be screened an approved prior to receiving a PROMO CODE. If you are NOT APPROVED, you will be refunded and your purchase cancelled.
      • We will require your Shop website links.
      • We will require your Facebook Personal Profile Link.
      • Please allow up to 24 hours on regular business days to be approved and have your link sent to you. Afterhours, and on weekends and holidays we will not be fulfilling these requests.
      • Do not purchase if you belong to any facebook sharing / dump groups. These are ANY groups which are sharing designs with others, in the form of DUMPS, DRIVES or ALBUMS. These are illegal and hurt design businesses. You will be cross referenced against these groups before you get your PROMO CODE. If you belong to these groups, and you have purchased this Collection, you will be refunded and your purchase cancelled.
      • We will do random screening of Facebook Dump Groups. If you are found in these groups, you are in violation of our licensing terms of the collection, and your license and promo code will be revoked. If you are sharing our designs, we will take legal action.
      • If you violate our terms of use and licensingin any form, your promo code will be deactivated, license revoked and you will not be refunded.
      • You have 2 weeks to download all of the products before your PROMO CODE will expire. We will NOT reactivate PROMO CODES.
      • There are NO REFUNDS for this Collection at any point for any reason.
      • If you have purchased something already individually and then decide to buy the collection, NO REFUNDS are given for your prior purchased designs.
      • Special Collections and Art by Alexis are NEVER included in t