If you want to sell our designs as vinyl or sublimation transfers, waterslide transfers, or decals only, you need to purchase this license.  You do not need to purchase if your only intent is selling physical end products, such as mugs, signs, tshirts, etc.  Designs are all purchased separately! 

Our coupons do NOT work on Drive Memberships, Extended License or Special Edition Items.


  • An Extended License For Jula Bay Design Studio Designs for use in one Shop (graphics must be purchased separately, one at a time.  You cannot purchase our drive and use this license.  If you want to sell transfers of any of our files in our drive, you must also purchase that file separately.
  • The additional one-time purchase of this extended license allows our designs to be used by the purchaser for RESALE as vinyl or sublimation transfers, waterslide transfers, or decals only. You purchase the license once, and it gives you the rights to resell any and all of our images, present and future, as transfers only, that you purchase from Jula Bay Design Studio.
  • If selling the transfers online, the watermark included with this purchase MUST be added to the images you use to advertise online. The watermark prevents those from stealing our designs. Your license can be revoked if you do not watermark our products.  You also cannot claim authorship in any form of our designs.
  • All of our License and Terms of Use can be found here.



  • You cannot purchase our transfer license if you also sell digital files.
  • You cannot share, rent or sell any of our designs in digital format, nor claim the file as your own at any time.  You cannot sell our files in digital format, or use our designs in any way to create other files for digital sales.  
  • Selling transfers using our designs without purchasing the appropriate commercial license is not permitted and will be reported as copyright infringement.
  • You cannot sell transfers from any files in our Google Drive.  You must purchase the designs separately to sell transfers in addition to the drive membership. 
  • If you have multiple websites, please contact us for a big discount to purchase an additional Extended license for each additional shop or Facebook group you wish to sell in etc, with different names, a separate license is required for each one. (The name of the website and Facebook page/group must be provided to us at the time of purchase.)


View our full license & terms of use document here!


  • Business Name
  • Business Website
  • Business Facebook
  • Contact us for discount on mutliple licenses if you want to use in more than one business website.  One required per business name.




We do our best to keep up-to-date with any Registered Trademarks before creating any designs and we never intentionally create something that is copyright or trademarked.  Since there are new ones being registered daily, we cannot guarantee any sayings on our designs do not include a registered trademark.  It is your responsibility to research on the USPTO database to make sure your products do not infringe on a registered trademark. By purchasing any design by Jula Bay Design Studios you agree that you are responsible for your own business and Jula Bay Design Studio, Jula Bay Enterprises Inc. and all employees/owners and business relations will not be held liable with regards to trademarked phrases. You can always check the trademark database.

If we determine that any of our designs contains a trademarked phrase we will correct the issue as soon as possible by removing or rewording the wording, or removing the design completely.

Extended License - Transfer License - Sublimation Transfers, Vinyl Transfers, Wa

    • Because of the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds given.  If you are unhappy or having any problems please contact us and we will try to help.