YOU MUST PROVIDE A GOOGLE EMAIL ADDRESS TO HAVE ACCESS TO OUR DRIVE.  This will be set up for you to view the drive through google drive, and it will be manually set up on the next business day after purchase.  Thank you.


This drive includes more than 1000 PNGs,  PREVIEW 2020 Drive Here!

This drive has over 100 seamless tumbler designs.  It has an amazing Christmas design offering as well.  Well worth the investment.  Many top selling items on our Etsy shop are in this drive!


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YOU CANNOT SELL TRANSFERS OF ANY FILES IN OUR DRIVE MEMBERSHIP, EVEN WITH THE TRANSFER LICENSE.  Files MUST be re-purchased separately, with the transfer license in order to sell transfers.  You also cannot sell transfers of our files if you also sell digital designs.




FULL LICENSE Agreement can be read here.

  • These are meant for print or Sublimation. 
  • You are able to create up to 100 physical items for commercial sale with EACH file in our drive. 
  • You can use them unlimited for personal use.
  • You CANNOT sell our PNG in any digital form. 
  • You cannot share them, you cannot modify or use them to create other digital files for sale.
  • This is not for designers, it is for makers.  Please do not use any of our digital files in any format to create new digital files for resale.  Thank you.
  • You CANNOT sell transfers with any of the files in our drive.  You must purchase the files separately and the transfer license to sell transfers.  You cannot sell transfers if you also sell digital files.
  • You must watermark all of our designs with our generic watermark included in the drive.
  • When our drive is going to close, we will give you ample time and warning to download all of the files for use.  


Once you purchase and pay for your drive, we will email you a link to the shared google drive within one business day.


We do not use copyright or trademarked items in our designs.

2020 Sublimation Drive Membership - All of our Designs in PNG Format!

SKU: 2020Drive