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HELP! I can't get my file to upload into Cricut Design Space

More and more people are purchasing Cricut, and need to understand what it means to purchase a design on Etsy, and how to import it into their Cricut Design Space.

Most professional designers will provide you with multiple file types of their designs, commonly DXF (for silhouette studio), PNG for print, EPS files, and SVG files (for Cricut). You will get these files in a ZIP FOLDER. People download the ZIP and then try to import the ZIP into Cricut. This does not work!

  1. Download your file from your Etsy Order.

  2. See if it is a Zip or Compressed Folder (it is most likely!)

  3. Extract/Unzip the Folder. Use google for your specific device type. Windows it is just right click and Extract Files.

  4. Open the NEWLY created FOLDER. Inside that FOLDER is another FOLDER. Open it.

  5. In the FOLDER you will find ALL the file types. Find the SVG file. It often has a browser icon associated with it (that is how your computer has chosen to display SVG files.

  6. You can right click on the file in Windows to see the actual file type to be absolutely sure you are on the right file.

  7. Open Cricut design space. Upload the EXTRACTED SVG file.

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