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How to Download Digital Files on Etsy

Prefer to watch how it is done? This 5 minute video will cover how to download your files and the common mistakes made. This will clear up 99% of your problems. If you still have problems after you have watched this video and read this help, please message me back on Etsy with details of what you are seeing. This video will be faster than waiting for my response on Etsy.

Most Common Errors

If you are having troubles downloading your Jula Bay Etsy files, there are 3 main reasons why.

  1. You are trying to download on the Etsy App. Etsy App does not allow for file downloads, you MUST use a browser on your computer or your phone/tablet, and not the App.

  2. You didn't download all of your files from Etsy. Many of our designs have up to 5 ZIP folders included in your purchase. Make sure that you have downloaded every file.

  3. You did not unzip/extract the .zip folder you received, but just double clicked to go into the zip folder and cannot see the files properly. You must unzip/extract the files, into their uncompressed folder before they can be viewed and used.

  4. You did unzip/extract, but go into the unzip folder and don't see the files. You say it is empty, not files. There is a FOLDER in there though, which when you click in that folder, you will see all of your files.

On the rare occasion, Etsy has a hiccup, or your download got corrupted due to internet connection being flakey at that moment, so it is well worth trying to download your files from Etsy again, and try all the above steps again. To download your files again, go to your Purchases and Reviews and Download the files from there.

How to download

For our bundles, we do include a PDF file, which will take you to WeTransfer to download a zip file there. This is because the files are too big for Etsy. In this case you get your files like this.

Possible errors in jualbay files

I'm human and sometimes make mistakes. I'm not doing it to trick you, or rip you off, it is an honest copy paste error most of the time. If any of these 3 errors are happening, please message me on Etsy and I will address as my #1 task.

  1. You are receiving the wrong files. Sometimes I copy listings and start from them. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to change out the source files. So you maybe ordered tumblers and got an apron design. Ooops. I fix this as soon as possible and I also let you use the files I uploaded by mistake for your patience.

  2. You receive the wrong link in the WeTransfer file. So you bought a tumbler and received a cutting board. Oops again, same thing. I copied a PDF template and didn't update the link. My bad. I fix this as soon as I can, and you get to use the files I uploaded by mistake as well for your patience.

  3. You receive a PDF with a Google Drive Link in it. I used to transfer larger files by google drive but stopped doing that with WeTransfer as my preference. If you receive a google drive link it will not work. Message me and I will fix this. I hope that almost all of these are obsolete now.

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