Frequently asked questions

How do I download my files?

On Etsy.com/julabay please click on the You icon on the top right of the menu bar. Click on Purchases and Reviews. Find your sale, and click on Download Files. While you are there, leave us a glowing review if you are happy with your product!

What is a ZIP file?

A zip file is a compressed folder, you will have to download the file onto your computer and extract the files. Please google how to do this on the type of computer that you use. You cannot use a tablet or a phone to download our files.

Can I use a phone or tablet?

No, you cannot, you must use a computer to download and use your files.

How long will it take to get my files?

Your files will be available very quickly after you purchase and pay for them. You will receive an email or can download them under You->Purchases and Reviews on Etsy.

How many Layers will my SVG have (in other words, how many colors of vinyl can I use)?

Our main pictures of our designs are shown with the number of colors that you can use. You can always use less colors in your actual cuts than we show, but never more. So if it is a one color design, you will only be able to use one color of vinyl. 2 colors, up to 2 colors of vinyl and so on. Why do we do this? We don't like buying SVGs and having about 40 layers show up when you import it. It is frustrating to deal with. So we provide you with as few as possible, with the design we have in mind.





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