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Collection Application Form

You must be screened and agree to our terms and conditions before you are given access to any of our collections.  Please fill out this form and submit to begin this process, only once you have purchased the collection you are interested in.  If you are declined, you will be fully refunded.

I have read and agree to all licensing and terms on found on Specifically that designs cannot be shared, cannot be used to create digital designs for resale (not in whole or in part, nothing can go towards a new , cannot be used to sell transfers, cannot be used in POD. You CAN make up to 100 PHYSIAL items per design to sell (shirts, cups, tumblers).
Jula Bay Design Studio does NOT support Facebook Dump Groups. These are illegal groups set up to share intellectual property of others. I understand that if I belong to any of these groups, that my application will be denied and I will not be granted licensing to this collection. By checking here, I commit that I am NOT a member of Facebook Dump Groups.
Jula Bay Design Studio will be screening these dump groups randomly and if I am found belonging to one after I purchase this collection, I understand that I will lose my PROMO CODE as well as my license to the designs that I have downloaded. By checking here, I agree that I will lose my licensing and PROMO CODES if I am found in facebook dump groups in the future.
I agree that I will not receive my PROMO CODE during weekends, holidays or after hours. I understand that it may take up to 24 hours after this form is signed and submitted, during NORMAL BUSINESS DAYS, to receive my PROMO CODE.
I agree that there are NO REFUNDS for any reason for this collection, and I will not apply for a refund or open a case in Paypal or via your Credit Card Company for any reason. This is a non refundable final sale item.
I agree that Special Collections and Art by Alexis are NEVER included in the Monthly Collections. Jula Bay Design Studio has all rights to determine and decide what is special collections.
I understand that there will be a variety of designs in this collection, and that Jula Bay Design Studio will decide what to include. Nothing is guaranteed except that the final value of the collection will be at $120 or more CDN by the end of the collection date. I agree that there are no custom requests.
I understand the PROMO CODE is just for me, and I agree that I will not share, distribute, or let others use this PROMO CODE. If a purchase is made with this PROMO CODE not associated with my account that I purchased the collection with, my PROMO CODE will be canceled without refund, and my licensing will be revoked if deemed violation of Jula Bay Design Studio Terms.
I agree that the PROMO CODE is valid ONLY until the 15th of the month after the collection date, or 2 weeks after the time of purchase if it is a COMPLETE COLLECTION, and that once expired I cannot ask for an activation of it again. If I didn’t purchase all of the designs in the collection by this date, I will not receive them.
I agree that once I purchase the designs on Jula Bay website, I must download the files to my own computer, store the files on my own hardware. My download links are ONLY available for 30 days. I understand that I will need to backup and save these files for computer swaps, hardware failures, etc as they will not be available after 30 days on
I agree that if Jula Bay Design Studio decides in the future to offer different licensing such as transfer licenses or POD, that these collection purchases are NOT included with those licenses. If I would require those type of additional licenses, I would have to purchase the individual design as well as the license to activate them.
I agree that if I have previously purchased an individual design that is in the collection, I will NOT be refunded for this design after purchasing the collection.
I agree that my PROMO CODE is only valid on the Collection purchased and not for other designs on the Jula Bay Website.
By Checking this box, and signing this document, I agree that I have read all of the above terms and conditions, and I agree with them all and wish for my application to be processed.
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License & Usage Agreement 

Full license agreement here!

All Charges are in Canadian Currency.  Change to USD for estimated conversion.